Minimising unnecessary expenses

At Rysis Software,
we believe that we don’t develop software, we develop solutions.

We at Rysis Software, believe in forming strong relationships with clients to better understand their project needs and are then able to provide a strategic development plan for cultivating better solutions, faster.

When we say we pride ourselves on faster than average development speed, we mean it, and aim to bend over backwards, sideways and sometimes upside down if required to meet our project deadlines.

With clear and transparent time frames set with the clients needs in mind we ensure that the correct technology and methods are utilised from the get go to avoid unnecessary cost and time wastage.

Our ability to be price competitive in a highly aggressive industry is largely attributed to developing efficiently with shorter time frames, providing world class solutions to almost any enterprise in any type of industry.

Jonathan Bell

Managing Director

Adrian Basson

Development Manager

Lara Holfeld

Project Manager

James van Niekerk

Software Developer

Tolerance Mashile

Software Developer

Shane Chamberlain

Software Developer

Chris Morel

Software Developer

Manuwel Munyai

Software Developer

Matthew Holfeld

Software Developer


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HQ: Block C, Stoneridge Office Park,
8 Greenstone Place, Greenstone Hill

11 Kei Road, Farrarmere, Benoni


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