Decrease organisational
telecom expenses

Visibill’s fast and powerful cloud-based interface gives you instant access to a complete picture of the phone and data consumption throughout your whole organisation, so that you can control and optimise your monthly spend.
  • Keep track of your SIM cards, users, and phone
  • Set thresholds and receive notifications
  • Prevent excessive use and abuse
  • Know your expenses at any time

Your telecom
expenses made visible

Visibill’s advanced reporting and analytics help you to see the details of your monthly phone and data expenses, so that you can optimise and reduce your telecom costs.
  • Easy-to-use dashboard provides an overview of SIM cards in use
  • APN management allows you to fine-tune the management of each SIM card on your APN
  • One central database in the cloud
  • Sort and organise your data into reports

Done for you, while
you’re busy doing other
things that matter

Visibill integrates with all major mobile networks (Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, and Telkom Mobile), ensuring a seamless and frictionless experience for you and your company. Once setup is complete, the data is automatically pulled into the Visibill dashboard without you having to lift a finger.
  • Saves you from manual work
  • Automatic SIM soft lock when thresholds are reached
  • Imports invoices automatically each month
  • Imports usage data each day

Granular insight into
how your employees
use their phones

Visibill’s mobile application helps you keep track of phone and internet activity on your company’s phones. This helps you keep a tight rein over misuse of phones, while keeping costs down.
  • Shows detailed overview of phone and internet activity
  • Empowers the user to take control of their data use
  • Prevent misuse of company data
  • Understand app usage across your entire organisation

See what your users
are up to in real time

Keep track of your SIM card and phone inventory, and manage your employees’ mobile phone use with ease.
  • Keep track of SIM cards by assigning them to users
  • Keep track of an asset (phone) by assigning a device to a SIM card
  • Financial reporting is easy and automatic when each SIM card is linked to a cost centre
  • Receive daily updates of each employee’s expenditure
  • Empower your users to understand data usage and keep track of their own spend
  • Limit phone abuse as and when it happens

Control excessive
consumption or abuse,
before it’s too late

Avoid being shocked by excessive bills at the end of the month with Visibill’s notification engine which sends out notifications of excessive consumption. This allows you to act swiftly against abuse, and stay in control.
  • Set notifications for a variety of different scenarios
  • Get daily notifications of usage
  • Set usage thresholds ahead of time
  • Send use and cost-based notifications to end users, their managers, and administrators to keep everyone informed.